The Kee Access® range of handrail fulfils the requirements of both the Equality Act 2010 (formerly known as DDA) and the Building Regulations Part M.

Providing a smooth, continuous handrail in size 7 tubes, Kee Access® ensures compliance with the regulations and allows for safe access to any building for anyone.

Fittings can be powder coated in any RAL colour to provide a visual contrast that is not cold to touch, as required by legislation. Kee Access® fittings are made of galvanised cast iron to BS EN 14 61, and offer a versatile solution for ground based applications.


Features and Benefits

  • Conforms to requirements of Building Regulations Part M for DDA compliance
  • Colour coating provide “not cold to touch” finish
  • Ideal for retrofit solutions
  • Corrosion protected for guaranteed durability.
  • No welding or hot works permits required
  • Cost effective alternative to welding


The Kee Access® range consists of 19 modular fittings, and removes the need for welding or fabrication, making it fast and easy to install.

As with standard Kee Klamp®, all fittings are hot dip galvanised and feature KEE KOAT corrosion protected grub screws and THREDKOAT recess protection for guaranteed durability. Fittings can also be retrofitted to allow new handrails to be added to existing structures.


  • Kee Access® fittings are manufactured to meet current standards
  • BS EN ISO 1461
  • Meet specified loadings up to 1500 N/m

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