Façade Access & Maintenance Strategies

Ensuring equipment is safe to use

Steadfast are London’s largest installers of Fall Protection devices and façade access equipment. With over 16 years of experience within the industry and with our extensive specialist knowledge and engineering skills sets us apart.

We provides a superior level of information and pro-actively engages with Architects, Main Contractors, Developers and Facilities Managers.

With more buildings becoming unique architectural statements with often sophisticated and intricate envelopes and façades, Steadfast are able to provide the latest technology compatible with the building’s design in overcoming the challenges posed by these ever increasing complicated structures.

By applying our cost effective, innovative and practical ideas backed by our extensive engineering experience we are able to provide our clients with façade access solutions for their buildings that are safe, long lasting, aesthetic, and functional and far exceeding our client’s expectations.

We will identify areas where façade access for maintenance and repair is required, assess the risk and provide the necessary documentation and procedures for carrying out the works.

  • The development of façade access strategies during design stages
  • Design Davit systems, Fall Prevention, Rope Access, Cleaning and Maintenance Strategy’s, Testing and Certification.

Now more than ever facade access and maintenance equipment plays an increasingly important role in the design of building envelopes and their safe and efficient future maintenance.

Safe, economical and effective maintenance of the facade is of prime concern to all parties involved in designing and delivering a new building.

Working closely with the Architect/ Main Contractor & Client Steadfast can offer Façade Access & Maintenance strategies to develop appropriate cost-effective solutions incorporating the latest requirements of all the associated Health and Safety legislation.

We actively explore our client’s innovative approach to deliver the very best in façade access solution.


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What sets Steadfast apart in providing façade access solutions?

Steadfast leads with over 16 years of industry experience, offering bespoke façade access systems tailored to meet the unique architectural designs of buildings, ensuring safety and efficiency.

How does Steadfast ensure safety in façade access equipment?

Our team rigorously assesses risks and provides comprehensive documentation and procedures, adhering to the highest industry standards for façade access and maintenance.

Can Steadfast provide façade access solutions for complex building designs?

Yes, our engineering expertise allows us to offer innovative, practical, and aesthetically pleasing façade access systems for even the most sophisticated and intricate building envelopes.

What types of façade access equipment does Steadfast install?

We install a variety of equipment including Abseil Anchors, Abseil Rails, and Rope Access systems, ensuring safe access for all types of façade maintenance and window cleaning.

How does Steadfast contribute to the design process of façade access?

We work closely with architects and contractors from the design stage to develop cost-effective, safe, and compliant façade access strategies that integrate seamlessly with the building’s design.

What additional services does Steadfast offer for building maintenance?

Besides façade access systems, Steadfast provides full support for testing, certification, and maintenance of access equipment, ensuring long-lasting functionality and safety

Elevating Building Maintenance: The Steadfast Advantage in Façade Access Technologies

Steadfast has revolutionized façade access, merging safety with innovative technology to ensure buildings stand out without compromising on maintenance ease and efficiency. Our approach transforms how façade maintenance is perceived, making it a seamless aspect of building management:

  • Expertise in Abseil Anchors and Rails, providing essential access for maintenance and window cleaning.
  • Advanced Rope Access solutions, ensuring safety and efficiency on high rise buildings.
  • Custom-designed Building Maintenance Units, tailored to meet specific project needs.
  • Comprehensive façade access systems integration, from planning to installation.
  • Adherence to European standards, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and quality.
  • A proactive partnership approach to work closely with all stakeholders.
  • Full support services, from consultation through to project delivery and beyond.

With Steadfast, you gain a partner committed to elevating the standards of façade access and building maintenance. Our innovative solutions, backed by extensive experience and a dedication to safety, ensure that your building’s façade is not only protected but also enhances its overall aesthetic and functional value. Trust us to bring your project to new heights with our unparalleled façade access technologies.






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