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Board-Walk is an aluminium open mesh walkway system designed for use on fragile roofs.

Board-Walk allows access from eaves to ridge while spreading the load on support battens to provide users with a safe working position.  The system is suitable for use on fragile roofs and is designed to fit individual roof sizes and configurations.  Board-Walk can be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Features and Benefits
  • Open mesh walkway
  • Suitable for fragile roofs
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Features integral work positioning line
  • Can be used both vertically and horizontally

Board-Walk is modular in design and features 2m, 3m and 4m sections which are easily linked together.  A work positioning line is provided as standard, while additional accessories include single or double sided handrails, a roof  hook and a valley stop end.

Complies with EN 12811-1 and EN 795:2012

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