Guardrails: what are your options?

The work at height hierarchy of controls state that a collective fall protection system, such as guardrail, is preferable to a personal fall protection system such as a lifeline and harness. However, you’ve likely seen many different types of guardrail, of all shapes and sizes. Which is the best option for you?

Steadfast supplies the KeeGuard® guardrail solution, built from modular Kee Klamp fittings, and available bespoke and in different configurations to ensure there is always a suitable system.

KeeGuard®: the standard solution

KeeGuard® is a modular freestanding guardrail designed to provide superior protection for areas where regular access is required for maintenance and inspection. Working on a proven and fully tested counterweight design, there is no need to fix the system into the structure.

KeeGuard® features a minimum number of components and requires no welding, threading or bolting on site. Suitable for use on concrete, asphalt, PVC and felt roofs up to a 10 degree slope, KeeGuard® is a fantastic all round solution for removing the risk roof edges pose to workers and those accessing the roof.

KeeGuard® Topfix: the metal profile and standing seam solution

Offering the same benefits that have made KeeGuard® such a popular guardrail solution worldwide, KeeGuard® Topfix takes it a step further by tackling the often tricky problem of standing seam and metal profile roofs.

Perfect for both types of roof up to a 45 degree pitch, Topfix features a specially designed base plate with multiple fixing centres. These are fitted to standing seam roofs with non-penetrative 2 part clamps, or to metal profile roofs with rivets and a butyl sealing strip.

The simple and minimal design makes it possible to install KeeGuard® Topfix quickly and easily, meaning you can quickly eliminate any fall risk.

KeeGuard® Foldshield: the same level of protection without sacrificing aesthetics

On some roofs, such as those on listed buildings, it may be necessary to take into account aesthetic considerations alongside the need for safety. A guardrail system, whilst vital, may affect the visual quality of the building.

For this scenario, there is KeeGuard® Foldshield. Designed for use on asphalt, concrete and PVC roofs up to 10 degrees, Foldshield offers the same high level of protection as KeeGuard® standard, but can also be folded down when work is not being carried out thanks to a hinged base foot and locking pin system.

If it is important not to have a permanently visible safety solution on your building, but you require protection for those accessing the roof, Foldshield could be the solution for you.

The highest level of safety

No matter which KeeGuard® system you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are meeting your edge protection responsibilities. Our systems are rigorously tested and comply with all necessary standards, including EN 13374 and 14122, whilst meeting the requirements of the work at height hierarchy.

KeeGuard® can be retrofitted to previously existing systems, or combined with other Kee Safety products, including industrial safety gates, Kee Mark demarcation, or the KeeGuard® ladder kit to provide an even higher level of protection.

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