The Ariana Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System represents years of refinement and innovation in providing fall protection for workers. The system utilizes a unique stainless steel shuttle that slides easily over intermediate anchorage brackets as well as around inside or outside corners with no manipulation required by the user.

The device itself is maintenance free and can be easily attached or detached at any point on the line. Midpoint anchorages utilize PAS -the Progressive Absorbing System - which deform if the system is impacted, limit line deflection, and allow for a reduction in anchorage point strength requirements. The system may be installed above, even with or below the user and total line length is unlimited.

The Sayfglida system allows any person equipped with its fall protection to work safely. Once connected to the line, workers can circulate freely and make his inspections, maintenance or repairs.
General description:

  • Sayfglida is installed permanently on a structure, at ground, wall or ceiling level. Glider slides freely on the cable and run automatically at distance all intermediates.
  • Sayfglida exists in two versions, 8mm and 12mm, the 8mm supports up to 4 persons on the line and the 12mm supports up to 10 persons on the line.

The Hercule gives total freedom of movement in a horizontal and vertical space for one or two persons on the system.

System features include:

  • Fall protection system: horizontal safety rail.
  • The mobile anchorage device allows a person to move around safely on a horizontal line without needing to unhook; it consists of a fixed installation and a mobile individual equipment.            
  • The carriage (ref. AN 200) slides over the rail (ref. AN 201) attached permanently to the working area. The user can move along the rail in total safety, always connected.                
  • Hercule allow straight applications and curves.
  • The use of a Hercule system with a retractable type fall arrester or a flexible anchorage line also provides vertical movement.
  • Hercule gives a total liberty of movement in an horizontal and vertical space for one or two persons on the system. 

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