Kee Dome

Free-standing fall protection for roof lights


Kee Dome skylight and roof light protection

Rooftop skylights and rooflights are a potentially lethal rooftop danger if not installed properly and fully protected. Kee Dome is a simple and cost-effective collective protection solution for protecting rooftop workers from this danger.

Full protection for skylights and rooflights

The Kee Dome system is a freestanding solution specifically designed to be installed around rooflights, protecting workers and others on the roof from this danger.

Utilising the modular, freestanding design ethos of our KeeGuard rooftop guardrail, Kee Dome doesn’t require penetration into the roof surface to be fully effective. The system makes rooflights highly visible and prevents unsafe access.

The system can be used permanently thanks to the durability of the galvanised Kee fittings, or assembled temporarily and disassembled when no longer needed,

Steadfast's Kee Dome collective guardrail protection for roof hatches in South London
Steadfast_UK_Kee Dome_Skylight protection

Safe and comprehensive rooflight protection

By utilising a collective protection solution like Kee Dome over lifelines and cables, you can ensure full protection without the need for training or specialist equipment. As those on the rooftop are completely prevented from accessing the light, there is also no need for rescue plans and procedures.

If access to the rooflight is needed, you can combine the Kee Dome with our Kee Gate self-closing safety gate system to ensure users can do so safely.

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Why use Kee Dome?


We can supply a range of sizes, including Kee Dome Mini, providing protection for all needs.

Rapid Assembly

The modular design ensures easy, rapid assembly.

Fully Compliant

Fully designed and tested to meet current industry standards including EN 14122-3.

A few examples of how Kee Dome can be used

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