Range of Class A1 anchor devices and accessories designed to allow safe exterior maintenance from inside a building


The Kee i-bolt range of Class A1 safety anchors are designed to provide effective fall protection for anyone carrying out external building maintenance work, such as window or façade cleaning, from an ‘open window.’

The range comprises two option, Ringanka® and Keyanka®


The Ringanka® eyebolt portfolio features fixed eyebolts in a choice of three different sizes and is suitable for use in a range of materials including brick, concrete, masonry and steel. Ringanka® provides a fixed anchoring point either externally or internally within the building, and is available in polished stainless steel, galvanised or plastic-coated finish.

The eyebolts are supplied with knurled inserts and resin capsules for quick and simple installation and for easy removal during periodic inspection and testing.


Keyanka® is a removable eyebolt which comprises a permanently installed anchor socket, concealed by a white plastic cover. When being used, the cover is removed and a special ‘key-type’ eyebolt is inserted into the socket.  This activates a spring locking movement to provide a fast and safe attachment, whilst allowing 180° rotation to suit usage requirements.


Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive range of safety eyebolts and accessories
  • Provides workers with safe means of access
  • Removable unobtrusive option available
  • Both products conform to Class A1 EN 795, BS 7883
  • Keyanka also conforms to ISO 14567

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