KeeGuard® Foldshield is ideal for situations where edge protection is the preferred safety solution, but when permanently visible railings are not wanted.


Designed for use on slopes up to 10°, KeeGuard® Foldshield is suitable on asphalt, concrete mineral and PVC sheet covered roofs.  A hinged base fitting allows the guardrail to be easily lifted into place when work is being carried out on the roof, and then quickly folded down once the work has been completed.


KeeGuard® Foldshield has the same flexible design as traditional KeeGuard® as it allows continuous runs, fixed ends, corners and directional changes, but  with the added advantage of allowing the system to be installed in 6m sections with ’D’ returns. This enables the system to be folded down quickly and easily through a simple locking pin on the base fittings. 

KeeGuard® Foldshield has a minimum bay size of 3m in accordance with EN 13374 and is suitable for use in either restrained or unrestrained applications.


Features and Benefits


  • Folding edge protection systems
  • Does not detract from the building’s aesthetics
  • Hinged base foot with locking pin allows system to pivot in one direction
  • Guardrail can be raised and lowered in sections
  • Recycled PVC feet do not penetrate the roof’s membrane
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Can be simply folded down when not in use
  • Complies with EN 13374 and 14122

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