Kee Guard Rooftop Guardrail System

Guardrail Solution for Flat or Low-Slope Roofing


Rooftop Guardrail System for Flat or Low-Slope Roofs

What Makes Kee Guard the Ideal Flat Rooftop Guardrail System?

Steadfast_KeeGuard_Rooftop railings

Kee Guard is a free-standing balustrade and the ideal choice for any low-slope or flat roof. The system is specifically engineered to protect your roof from potential leaks by using recycled PVC for the weighted bases. The rigidity of the guardrail will hold up to the strictest of requirements and last a lifetime.

  • The modular aspect ensures a fully configurable system that can overcome roof obstacles and challenges with ease.
  • Kee Guard is free-standing, meaning it does not require anchoring to the roof deck or parapet walls.
  • In addition, the unique design allows it to be quickly and easily removed for roof maintenance, and then just as easily replaced.
  • This saves you time and effort across the board, as well as significantly reducing costs.
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Why Use Kee Guard Protection Guardrail?


Sits directly on your roof surface and doesn't pierce the roof membrane.

Modular system

Built to easily manoeuvre around units near an edge.


Clamp on to existing ladders or railing for complete access protection.

Examples of how Kee Guard rooftop guardrail has been used

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