According to the HSE "on average 12 people a year die at work falling from ladders and over 1200 suffer major injuries. Ladders remain the most common agent involved and account for more than a quarter of all falls from height."
At Steadfast we can advise on all aspects of ladder safety. Our product range includes high quality systems by Soll.
These include:

Y-Spar - this is an anodized aluminium alloy ladder with a guide-rail profile of 52 x 51 mm.

Twin ladder- this is second model of anodized aluminium alloy ladder with a guide-rail profile of 52 x 51 mm.

PivotLoc - this is a vertical fall protection access system with unique design features: By pulling out the locking bolt, the side stiles and rungs can be closed or opened. When the ladder is closed, it has a slim and unobtrusive profile. When open, the PivotLoc becomes a rigid, reliable ladder incorporating a Soll fall protection system. When in the closed position, the foldable ladder, in the same way as the cover plate, prevents unauthorised use of the system.

Guiderails - for vertical application, for fixing onto existing ladders or climbing irons.

RailStop - this ladder rail is an integrated ladder and safety line permanently attached to the structure, centrally. The trolley runs in the rail during ascending and descending and block only in case of fall..

Comfort Fall Arrester- designed for use with guiderails with a smoother performance and a longer service life.

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