When you’re in a location where it’s not viable to fit a guardrail, our mobile man anchor systems provide an easy and cost effective solution without compromising safety.

The Kee Anchor® range includes Weightanka®, Accessanka® and Wireanka®, all independently tested and CE approved to meet the PPE Directive.   The range is modular in design making the anchor systems easy to handle.   Each system is designed with individual, smaller components which makes them easier to lift and carry to and from the area of use. A basic system weighs just 250kg, with no single component weighing more than 25kg.


Weightanka® is a mobile anchor for use on roofs with a pitch of up to 5° and features a central pedestal which raises the height at which the arrest force is applied.  This helps to reduce the distance the anchor moves when arresting a fall.

The Weightanka® deadweight anchor conforms to Class E EN 795, BS7883 & ISO 14567, and is approved to meet the PPE Directive.


Accessanka® is an accessory to Weightanka® and is designed to provide a portable anchor device for rope access.  The system is non-penetrating, and when installed correctly, will not move across the roof surface when in use or when arresting the fall of both a worker and rescuer with a combined weight of up to 200kg.

Accessanka® conforms to Class B EN 795, BS 7883 and ISO 14567.


Wireanka® is designed for use on flat roofs where non-penetrative fall protection is required.  The system features mobile anchor devices linked together via the KeeLine® Class C horizontal safety line which conforms to BS EN 795. 

Features and Benefits

  • Conform to BS EN 795
  • Do not penetrate the roof surface
  • CE Approved to PPE Directive
  • Quick and easy to assemble

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