Self Retracting Lifeline Ultra-Lok® RSQ with Rescue

SKU 3504554

15m - RSQ model - Galvanised or Stainless steel. Thermoplastic housing - 5mm cable - Double action swivel connector with fall indicator. 18 mm opening - Anti ratchet system i-Safe™ equipped

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  • RRP £1,588.00 + VAT

3504553: 15m length, galvanised cable
3504554: 15m length, stainless steel cable
3504555: 15m length, stainless steel cable and hook

  • Exclusive design provides both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self rescue for ultimate versatility.
  • Fall arrest mode stops falls within few decimetres and limits the forces to 6kN for less for added safety.
  • Assisted rescue procedures can then be implemented either at the mode selector or remotely with a First-Man-Up™ pole.
  • Self rescue mode automatically lowers the user to the next level after a fall.
  • Lightweight and long lasting durable reinforced plastic housing. Incorporates a built-in carrying handle for easy transportation.
  • 15 m cable extends and retracts automatically enabling the user to move around the work area protected.
  • i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System is built-into every unit to track inspections, control inventory and manage information.
  • Designed to meet worldwide standards including CE EN360 and EN341.

3500100: Assisted Rescue Tool
3500102: First-Man-Up™ Pole with Assisted Rescue Tool

Coating: Stainless, Galvanised

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