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Aluminium, twist lock Karabiner

SKU KJ5024

Aluminium twist lock karabiner 21mm opening. 25kN

  • £31.32 + VAT
  • RRP £34.80 + VAT
  • Sala connectors ensure there are no weak links in the worlds premier safety systems.
  • This detachable karabiner can be attached to spliced or webbing lanyards, and other PPE products.
  • The automatic gate closing and locking makes it an ideal choice when the user will opened and closed the connector many timed during work period.

Main features

  • Light weight Aluminium alloy
  • 21mm opening
  • Automatic closing and locking
  • 1/4 turn twist lock gate
  • Double action security
  • Quick and easy to open with one hand
  • Easily used by left and right handed persons
  • Detachable
  • Marked with Batch reference for easier quality assurance traceability.

Specially suited for work were the weight of equipment is of uppermost important

Ideally suited for work in the following areas:

  • Rescue
  • Rope access

Associated Products
Can be used in association with:

  • KE5175R Splices rope lanyard
  • KE5125W, KE5175W Webbing lanyard
  • KE5125X, KE5175X Expander lanyard
  • KA1RDS30, KA1RDS60, KA1RDS90
    Rapid Deployment System (RDS) 30m, 60m and 90m versions.

Technical Specification

  • Material - forged light alloy
  • Body and gate Surface finish : polished
  • Locking Barrel finish : anodized blue
  • Height : 125mm
  • Width : 75mm
  • Net Weight : 100g
  • CE marked : Yes
  • Conforms to standard : EN362
  • Breaking Strength : 25kN
  • Marking : Quality control batch reference
  • Marked : breaking Strength


  • KJ5107 Detachable steel Karabiner with 20mm opening. High Breaking strength 45kN
  • KJ5106 Detachable steel Karabiner with 33mm opening. High Breaking strength 45kN

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