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AD111 Self-Retracting Lifeline 3m + AJ565


Protecta Rebel Self-Retracting Lifeline 3m length, Web 25 mm wide with 17mm opening AJ565 karabiner

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The Rebel is the highest performance fall arrester on the market: ultra compact, extremely light, as solid as a rock and with the best weight to length ratio around. Compatible with any harness on the market, the Rebel is available in three models:

So small, and yet it possesses all the attributes of its more cumbersome relatives!
The design of this new self-retractable lifeline has been carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail, and has been especially created for industry and construction workers (maintenance work, work on scaffolding, pylons, in lifts etc…). Looking for a product that is both easy to handle and high-performance, these professionals will certainly be won over by the Rebel's reduced size and "feather" weight, allowing it to be carried around with the worker. On site, it provides an extremely high level of security, with its blocking mechanism designed to lock up at the slightest notion of danger. All this while avoiding any untimely locking during normal use, something that reduces impact force and stopping distance in case of fall. The Rebel also includes a fall indicator which allows the user to check at a glance the integrity of the product as well as being able to ensure that the product is not re-used if it has already been subjected to a fall.

- polyester width 25 mm
- strength > 2000 daN

Length : 3 m

Absorbing element
- absorbtion sewing

Casing : aluminium and stainless steel

Swivelling anchorage point
lower connector
- karabiner AJ565A
- opening : 19 mm
- steel

System breaking strength > 15 kN

Net weight : 1,3 kg

Useful length 3M

Complies with the Europen standard EN360

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