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Self Retracting Lifeline Talon™ 100% Tie-Off - KD1TALTWIN


Twin leg 2m length. Web 25 mm wide. With 60 mm opening KJ527 Scaffold Hooks i-Safe™ equipped

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  • RRP £396.00 + VAT
The 100% Tie-Off Talon with twin-legs provides continuous fall protection and a significant increase in mobility. The unique design allows the user to attach one lifeline leg to the anchor point, move to a new location and connect the second, then disconnect the first and move again. This “leap-frog” action provides 100% protection while moving from one location to another. Each lifeline works independently, extending up to 1.8m and automatically retracting providing fall protection and mobility 100% of the time!Meets EN360 CE standards.

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