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AJ565 snap hook
AJ565 snap hook

Vertical Lifeline AC401 Rope Grab device for Viper + Strap + AJ565 snap hook


AC401 Rope grab device for use with 10.5mm and 12.5mm braided rope with 200mm extension strap and AJ565 snap hook with 17mm opening

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  • RRP £69.90 + VAT

Ultra compact, the Viper is an automatic antifall for braided rope of 10,5 mm diameter. Viper slides freely on the rope and blocks in case of a fall. Its system of ultra-easy opening allows Viper to be put or removed from any place of the rope. Once connection karabiner was put back in place, Viper is locked and ready for the use.

- On braided rope 10,5 and 12,5 mm diameter

Body AC400
- High strength steel
- Electro-zing-plated protection

- 25 mm polyamide
- Stitching : high strength polyamide

- Strength > 2500 daN (A + B)
- Opening : A : 17 mm and B : 18 mm
- High strength steel (A + B)
- White colour electro-zinc-plated protection (A)
- White nickel plated (B)

Net weight : 0, 852 kg

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