Freestanding Roof Edge Guardrails

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Rooftop Guardrails for Leading Fall Protection

Collective protection such as guardrails should be your first priority when installing rooftop or height safety systems. These are prioritised by the hierarchy of controls over personal systems such as lifelines and anchors, as they do not require specialised equipment or training.

We design and supply KeeGuard rooftop guardrail and edge protection, a market-leading rooftop barrier solution designed to protect anyone accessing your rooftop – guaranteeing safety and peace of mind.

The Superior Roof Guardrail Solution

The modular, free-standing design of KeeGuard makes it a superior solution to fabricated, fixed systems, saving you time, effort, and money. The modular aspect ensures a fully configurable system that can overcome roof obstacles and challenges with ease, entirely negating the need for costly welding or hot works.

The counter-balance weight design means no damage to the roof surface, allowing it to be used on a wide range of roofs with ease, from asphalt and concrete to PVC and more. As it is non-penetrative, KeeGuard can serve as both a temporary and long-term solution.

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Steadfast_KeeGuard_Rooftop railings
Steadfast_London's leading powder coated edge protection blends in with surrounding buildings

Comprehensive Roof Edge Protection

The KeeGuard system uses incredibly durable galvanised Kee fittings and non-corrosive tube, guaranteeing decades of safe use, even in harsh and damp environments.

Best of all, KeeGuard is available in a range of variants for all requirements, including a fixed version for metal roofs, a folding version where aesthetics are a concern, and a version without counterweights for roofs with little room. All our KeeGuard systems can be powder coated to any RAL colour for maximum aesthetic appeal.

KeeGuard is the leading modular rooftop guardrail, and with good reason.

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Why Use KeeGuard Edge Protection Handrail?

Flexible and Configurable

Can fit virtually any roof, overcoming obstacles or changes in level.

Free Standing

Totally non-penetrating systems, zero risk of leaks and maintains your roof warranty.

Fully Compliant

Tested to meet current industry standards such as EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122, EN 1991-1-4 and BS 6399: Part 2.

Options to Suit Your Roof

60 Second Overview of KeeGuard Rooftop Railing

60 Second Overview of KeeLite

A few examples of how KeeGuard can be used

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