The Kee Cover range provides effective protection against falls through fragile roof lights and skylights where regular access is required for maintenance and inspections. 

The range has been designed specifically for metal profile roofs where roof lights and skylights are a common feature.

Kee Cover is quick and easy to assemble and install on site.  The covers comprise a mesh panel which sits onto a metal frame constructed from Kee Klamp® fittings and tube.

Kee Cover is available in two formats, the standard cover is 2m long and 1m wide and is designed to fix virtually flat to the roof.  Extension panels 2m or 1m long by 1m wide are available to provide protection for larger roof light configurations.   When a greater distance is required between the mesh panel and the roof light, a raised version is available.  This ensures the roof light is not damaged in the event of a fall as the Kee Cover absorbs the impact.

The Kee Cover range has been extensively tested to Class B criteria and loadings specified in the ACR Red Book Test for Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies and to BS EN 1873.


Features and Benefits

  • Component based so easy to transport to the roof
  • Mesh panels do not block the light into the building
  • Extension panels enable protection for larger roof light and skylights
  • Variable heights accommodate different shaped roof lights
  • Tested in accordance with the ACR Red Book and BS EN 1873

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