KeeLine Lifeline System

Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Lifeline System

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KeeLine Safety Lifeline System

Where collective protection such as guardrail is unsuitable or impractical, personal protection such as lifelines is a fantastic and effective alternative. KeeLine has been designed from the ground up to be a safe and discrete rooftop lifeline system, ensuring the safety of workers and your peace of mind.

Lifeline fall protection

Designed to be installed along fall hazards, KeeLine is a wire-based fall protection system that allows hands-free work and free movement in both fall arrest and fall restraint.

Featuring a unique, restriction-free traveller, users are attached via harness and lanyard, keeping their hands free for a range of rooftop maintenance tasks. The safety line itself is made of an 8mm grade 316 stainless steel wire, ensuring a total effective span of 12m between posts for up to 3 users at a time.

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Total protection, totally free movement

KeeLine is made to maximise safety without limiting movement, ensuring safe work right up to the roof edge with complete protection.

With its Progressive Absorbing System technology, the brackets, posts, and shock absorbers deploy and deform, immediately minimising the impact on the users, reducing it to below 10kn. This also serves to protect the roof structure itself, just another benefit of the system’s high-quality and thoughtful design.

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Why Use KeeLine Personal Protection?

Full Protection

Users are attached to the system at all times with continuous ‘hands-free’ protection

Bespoke Design

Designed in-house to suit your specific roof type and layout.

Fully Tested

KeeLine is fully tested and complies with EN 795:2012

60 Second Overview of the KeeLine Safety Lifeline System

A few examples of how KeeLine can be used

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