Working at height is high risk, so you want to be sure that your fall protection systems and equipment are safe to use and comply with current legislation and safety standards.


Once a fall protection system has been installed you are legally required to have it re-tested and certified regularly by a competent person or company to ensure it’s safe to use.


How often the equipment is used and the environment will determine how frequently equipment and systems should be re-tested, but generally we recommend this is carried out at least annually as outlined in 'BS 8437: Code of practice for the selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection equipment for use in the workplace.’


Competent Re-Testing and Certification

As part of our service we will contact you prior to your inspection due date so you can be assured that your system is fit for use at all times. 


Steadfast’s qualified engineers will then inspect your fall protection equipment and systems as well as any PPE being used with the system such as harnesses and lanyards. Should any remedial work be required, we will provide you with a full report outlining the required work or recommendations to enhance the system’s safety.

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