Training of any kind should engage the participant and entice them to learn. By creating courses that demand active participation, the student becomes involved in the learning process increasing the understanding and retention of the information presented. By providing a variety of core training programs and then supplementing these with custom training, you are able to choose exactly what is right for your workers.

Steadfast offers detailed product and practical training programs at our training facility in Ipswich and Runcorn. Steadfast also provide practical training classes throughout Europe via our network of approved training partners. If on-site training is your preference, we can also provide training on your work site providing an environment where we can ensure that the issues discussed are immediately applicable to the students.

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Course Specifications:

Working at Height FP1 Basic Harness and Height Awareness Course  - download specification

Working at Height FP2 Suspended Worker Rescue Course - download specification

Working at Height FP3 Tower Crane Drive / Worker Rescue Course - download specification

Working at Height FP4 Concrete Deck/ Alsipercha Rescue Course - download specification

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