TRAM™ is almost limitless in its applications. It provides a safe means for workers to access and work on refuelling gantries, ship loaders, gantry cranes, static tanks and most elevated walkways and platforms as well as working on the top of all types of road tankers, ISO tanks, static tanks and other work platforms.

Facilities can been fitted with one or more TRAM™ units, allowing flexibility in the number of workers who can use the system with total protection. We can consult with you and determine the best system to fit your needs.

Falls from height represent a major health and safety concern in all industries. Close working relationships established with end users and industry organizations during TRAM™'s development ensures the system is designed to effectively help prevent falls and keep workers safe.

TRAM System

What is a TRAM™ System?

The TRAM™ system is comprised of the TRAM™ unit, harness, rail and mounting hardware. It is designed for various industrial, mining, defence, transport and other height safety applications to provide the user with an ideal system of mobility, stability and restraint. As well as preventing falls on the platform or walkway, TRAM™ provides protection for the user during the critical time when making the transition between the ladder and the platform or walkway.


Adjustable rollers to ensure smooth operation and allow for easy installation. A gas piston controls the pivoting action to assist the user in the transition between ladder and walkway and to ensure that the arm does not drop.

Three position settings - vertical, horizontal and 45 degrees. Clutch and brake levers ensure that the arm and base remain where they are intended to be until the user wants to move them. Anchor points comfortably spaced and looped around the handhold for additional strength for maximum mobility.

Stainless steel in 50 mm or 2.0 inch rolled hollow section (RHS) with welded cleats attaches to the vehicle or equipment via mounting hardware.

Designed to ensure the user is kept in position on the walkway in the event of a slip, trip or incapacitation. Double-action hooks are used to ensure they cannot be opened accidentally. Dual lanyards provide secure positioning and increased mobility. All stainless steel construction ensures years of corrosion-free operation in adverse weather conditions.

TRAM - how it works

A Range of Models    

Mobile TRAM™
A Mobile TRAM™ system incorporates a rail that allows the TRAM™ arm to travel from one end to the other on a work platform. The TRAM™ can be customized with a rotating base or extended arm to provide ultimate reach. The rail length is custom based on your application.

Fixed TRAM™
The fixed TRAM™ consists of a pivoting arm without a rail and is used in applications where movement along a specified path is not needed. A rotating arm can be added to provide greater access to the designated work area.

ISO Container TRAM™
ISO Container TRAM™ is a height safety system specifically designed to protect those working on ISO containers. The system is comprised of a rail-mounted TRAM™ unit fixed to a transportation frame. The frame is lifted into place by a forklift and then locked into position at the ISO connections. It can be supplied with or without a ladder and walkway. The ISO Container TRAM™ is the only system in the world that protects the user while transferring from the ladder to the top of the tank.


The TRAM™ unit and rail have been tested by accredited laboratories to the specifications of, and are compliant with:

  • EN 795:1997 as a Class D anchor device employing a horizontal rigid anchor rail
  • SABS EN 795:1996 Protection against falls from a height
  • AS/NZS 1891.4:2000 Industrial fall arrest systems, use and maintenance
  • ANSI
  • OSHA
  • CSA (Pending)

The TRAM™ Harness has been tested by accredited laboratories to the specifications of, and is compliant with:

  • EN 361:2002 as a Full Body Harness
  • EN 358:2000 as a Waist Belt intended for restraint
  • SABS EN 795:1996 Protection against falls from a height
  • AS/NZS 1891.1:1995 Safety belts and harnesses
  • ANSI
  • OSHA
  • CSA (Pending)

TRAM™ is under continual improvement. Recent tests proved that TRAM™ will withstand forces of in excess 23 kN.

  • The TRAM™ is highly engineered and is certified to AS/NZS 1891.4:2000.        
  • The TRAM™ is also highly cost effective.        
  • All fall arrest systems allow workers to drop whilst fall is arrested. There is a very high risk of trauma through impact with hazards below.        
  • Fall arrest systems are subjected to much greater loads as vertical fall is arrested. The total load on the static line system is much greater than the loads on a total restraint system.        
  • Fall arrest systems include the use of energy absorbers and full body harnesses to attenuate the fall forces transmitted on to the worker. However, victims fall greater distances as the energy absorber is deployed.        
  • When a worker falls on a static line system the cable trolley will slip along the cable to the midpoint of the cable span. This effect increase the risk of impact as the victim may be travelling horizontally, as well as dropping vertically, during the fall.        
  • After a fall, all static line systems must be taken out of service until they are inspected and recertified. Costly repairs are not covered by manufacturer's warranty.


  • Weight per TRAM™ unit - approx 18 kg (34 lb)
  • Weight of TRAM™ rail - Approx 8 kg/m (18lb/yd)
  • TRAM™ base - ASTM A747 CB7Cu-1 Stainless Steel
  • TRAM™ arm - Stainless Steel
  • Wheels and piston - Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Wheel bearings - Martin Stitic Stainless Steel

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