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KEE PLATFORM® | Bespoke or Off-The-Shelf Solution

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Work access platforms built with safety in mind

Almost one in five roof injuries in the UK happen because of falls from non secure surface. Our top-notch KEE PLATFORM® – Modular Access Platforms are made to stop these accidents at your workplace. Our safe access platforms keeps your team safe from dangerous falls and protects your workplace for a long time.

Ready-to-assemble platforms for flexible design

Sometimes, regular access options like ready-made platforms or ladders aren’t the right fit. In these cases, we can create a custom platform, either movable or fixed, tailored to the specific needs of the site. This will ensure a safe working environment.

Our Kee Platforms are built in sections and can be made of either aluminium or steel, using Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings (Our partner products). This ensures a secure, sturdy, and rust-resistant access platform. The use of standard fittings also means these platforms can be quickly and easily delivered and set up on-site, causing minimal disruption.

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Custom or off-the-shelf modular access platforms

Steadfast’s Modular Access Platforms are suitable for hard-to-reach places like machinery, warehouse shelves, or vehicle maintenance. Kee Platform modular platforms can be made to fit almost any need. The platforms can be custom-built for you and can go up to 3m high. If you need to reach even greater heights, we can add an extra support arm.

Each modular access platform is custom-made and comes with drawings to show exactly how to put it together. Small platforms can be sent fully built, but they need a quick check before use. For more complex platforms, Steadfast’s skilled engineers will deliver the parts, and put them together on-site.

Our Kee Platforms follow safety standards like EN 1004:2004, BS 1139-6:2005, or PAS 250. We give you CAD drawings with quotes so you can see how the platform will look.

Modular Access Platforms crafted with safety in mind

Kee Platforms are perfect for creating safe pathways over pipes, plant equipment, and conduits, especially when dealing with changes in roof levels or providing a secure work platform.

Maintaining and fixing roofs often requires regular access, but today’s roofs can have various tripping hazards, making safe access challenging or even impossible. In such situations, traditional solutions like ladders or portable access platforms may not be the best fit. Similar to our Custom Mobile Access Platforms, Custom Access Platforms can be tailored to fit nearly any configuration, height, and width.


Safety Compliant Modular Access Platforms in London

Steadfast’s modular access platforms (KEE PLATFORM®) are designed with modularity in mind, ensuring easy and quick installation, whether freestanding or fixed to a suitable surface. They come in galvanised steel or aluminium and are crafted to comply with current regulations and standards, including the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3, and EN: 14122.

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Why Bespoke Access Platform?

Compliant to industry standards

Our modular access platforms are designed in accordance with UK and EU safety standards for assured operation. Bespoke units can be designed to suit your project.

For your piece of mind & easy installation

Our safety experts will provide assistance from start to finish. We will answer your questions, design solutions and provide drawings, run site survey and even help you install the units. Just get in touch.

Suitable for most environments

Made of corrosion resistant Kee Klamp & Kee Lite fittings and featuring anti-slip threads, our safe access platforms suit all types of industrial environments and can even be permanently left on a roof or ground.

A few examples of how Modular Access Platforms can be used

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