Davit Arms

Abseil anchor system

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Davit arms for safe overhead access

Davit arms offer an effective, safe and discrete anchor solution for carrying out abseil work in isolated and tight strips on buildings, or where parapet protection is not suitable.

Safe abseil work even in restricted areas

There are many places on a building where it is impossible or impractical to provide parapet protection, or where standard solutions would be ineffective due to restrictions on location or space. Davit arms overcome this, allowing work to be carried out while suspended in even the most awkward places.

Our davit arm systems feature a sturdy fixed base and a rotating head that allows for workers to carry out abseil work with minimal risk.

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Davit Arm Anchor Systems
Davit Arm Anchor System

Discrete and effective davit solution

Our roof davit solution ensures workers can rig and ascend/descend in complete safety, mitigating the risk of fall, whilst also protecting the ropes from dragging over the building edge causing wear and tear.

When not in use, the system can be folded away thanks to the rotating head, which renders it invisible from below. Our system can also be supplied with optional recovery winches and a unique powered retrieval system, maximising ease of rescue should it be needed.

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Why a Davit Arm?

Flexible and Adaptable

Can be used as a harness anchorage device, lifting device, or a rope access.

Retrofit With Ease

Can be retrofitted to existing structures for use with PPE on tanks, silos or near exposed edges.


Can be bespoke designed to your specifications.

A few examples of how Davit Arms can be used

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